Tick Bites, Rashes and Diseases – Watch Out For Those Walks in the Woods

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Ticks carry many diseases, one of which is called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks will sit, waiting, on a branch or tree limb and easily attach themselves on humans as well as animals.

Dog ticks can attach to humans, as can deer ticks. We hear the most about lyme’s disease. If you live in bogs such as are just South of Boston, Massachusetts, ticks can be infested in areas. Many other states, particularly on the East coast, can have hundreds of ticks per acre.

So, what does a tick bite rash look like? A round circle of red will appear around the bite often for lyme’s disease like when a circle encircles the moon. You may not have this symptom at all however but may in time notice problems with your joints or chronic fatigue.

After you’ve gone hiking, camping or been outside even gardening, go over your body carefully. I actually had a tick on my body for a few days that I thought was a mole! I finally pulled at it and it crawled away. It is hard to describe the horror of that event. If they seem to be attached to you, but their body isn’t yet bloated, then you can possibly hold on to their body with your thumb and finger and pull them off. Don’t pull hard, though, because if their head breaks off under your skin it could get infected. It felt rubbery when I pulled on the tick but it came out pretty easily.

Though they can attach at any place, here are some places on your body that they like going because it’s warm and dark. This means that they’ll possibly be able to burrow their head deep into your skin as they find before you know they’re there. Unfortunately you won’t feel a thing as they do this; even after they’ve got their head completely inside your body, you’ll feel nothing at all.

If the tick is carrying Rocky Mountain Fever, the longer their head is burrowed in you, the more likely you can get infected. Some people use tweezers gently, others speak about smother the skin with Vaseline. I wouldn’t advise the method I saw on the internet of lighting a match, blowing it out and touching them. The best thing to do if you have a tick bite rash is go to a doctor and have him remove it and take the antibiotics. Remember that for lyme’s disease you may not see the bulls eye rash or have any symptoms. You can have memory issues as well as joint problems months later and not know that it was the tick that was the cause of this. Antibiotics however and additional medications are very helpful once the condition is properly diagnosed.


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